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What are the benefits?

A successful new voting system needs to meet the needs of all citizens.


Heart and Head fixes the problems of FPTP with little complexity and low cost.

Benefits for everyone.


You will no longer need to vote strategically. By voting with a ① and ② you can vote first for the person you would like to win the election. Your second preference will automatically be used if your first choice is eliminated from contention.

There will be a closer alignment between how you voted in the election and the power of the MPs in the Commons. It will therefore be fairer for everyone.


Because the changes are so few, the cost of implementing Heart and Head will be low — probably less than $3 per taxpayer.


Benefits for traditionalists.


You can still vote with an Ⓧ as you always have. The electoral districts won't change. And you will still vote directly for your MP.


And if you decide you don't like the change, you can vote to repeal it in the referendum.


Benefits for third-party supporters.


All of the Canadian political parties that have never formed the government have a higher popular vote than the percentage of MPs they elect. The New Democratic Party, Bloc Quebecois, and Green Party will gain influence through proportional representation.


The elimination of strategic voting will also make it more likely to elect MPs from these parties.


Benefits for moderates.


The center of politics in Canada is a moderate perspective. In many cases, the voters "heart" vote may go to a smaller third party but their "head" vote will be to the centrist party. This should increase the vote tallys for centrist candidates during the electoral elimination process.


Benefits for business minded people.


In Heart and Head, votes in the Commons become akin to shareholders' meetings. Shareholders don't have one-person, one-vote. They vote their share ownership. Likewise, MPs in the Commons will be voting their share of the popular vote that elected them.


Heart and Head is also very efficient and inexpensive for a proportional representation system. The many benefits mean it is a great value for the price!

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